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Swiss Association for People with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SBH) (German) 
Swiss Society for People suffering from Muscle Diseases (SGMK) (German)
Swiss Foundation for the Folic Acid Offensive (SFO+) (German)
Swiss Assistance Agency (FAssiS) (German)
Swiss Nursing Association (SBK) (German)
ALS Association (German)
Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS) (German)
Cerebral - Swiss Association for Children with Cerebral Palsy (German)
IG kidsempowerment (German)
Spitex Association of Switzerland (Community Nurses) (German)
Kinderspitex Association of Switzerland (Community Paediatric Nurses) (German)
Balgrist University Hospitals Zurich
REHAB Basel, Centre for Paraplegia and Craniocerebral Injury Trauma Patients (German)
HiLA – Lucerne Rural Region Wound Nursing Network (German)
Procap, For People with Disabilities (German)
Pro Infirmis, Organisation for Disabled People (German)
Euro key for facilities for disabled people
Pro Senectute Switzerland (German)
Swiss Association for Self-Help for Disabled People (German)
National Platform for People with a Disability (German)
My Handicap

Advice on Aids for Disabled People (SAHB) (German)
Foundation for Electronic Aids (fst)

Housing options
Fluematt Shared Housing Community (German)
Rossfeld Bern, Foundation for Education and Residential Homes (German)
Rodtegg Lucerne, Rodtegg Foundation for Physically Disabled People (German)
WABE, Information about Housing, Work, Employment, Respite and Education Opportunities (German)
Mooshuus Residential Home (German)

Plusport, Sport for Disabled People in Switzerland (German)
Orthotec, Vehicle Adaptation for Disabled People
Hotels in Switzerland with Wheelchair Access
Swiss Paraplegic Association – Travel for people with spinal paralysis
Rollitravel – Reisen ohne Handicap (Holiday travel for people with physical disabilities) (German)

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