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ParaHelp was founded as an independent assaciation on 11 December 2003 and became a public limited company on 18 Juni 2014. The change of legal form was necessary to ensure that the organisational structures within the Swiss Paraplegic Group can be regulated in a uniform manner. ParaHelp AG works in close collaboration with the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) nationwide to deliver outpatient nursing advice and aftercare to  people with congenital paralysis or paraplegia acquired through trauma or illness, as well as to people with myopathies or neurogenous muscle disorders which are associated with paralysis.

This also entails developing tailor-made, individual solutions together with the patients and their relatives. ParaHelp provides for the coordination and integration of the existing contacts, such as paraplegia centres , clinics, care homes, Spitex community nurses, therapeutic services, aid suppliers, cost centres, GPs  and the direct surroundings.

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